News > OVHcloud Launches Carbon Calculator

OVHcloud now provides its IaaS customers with a carbon calculator aimed at giving them monthly reports on their cloud-related carbon emission.

A fully transparent carbon report

The methodology behind the carbon calculator required more than eight months of development, and aims to be exhaustive, by considering factors such as manufacturing down to the component level. Accessible on demand from the OVHcloud customer panel, the tool takes into account the estimated electrical consumption of servers from OVHcloud datacenter monitoring and map them to their carbon equivalent, taking into account the cooling and networking equipment, as well as freight, manufacturing, end of life and waste management, to provide a complete picture of the actual carbon footprint.

In line with a strong commitment to sustainability

OVHcloud, with a vertically integrated model, owns most of its datacenters and uses two factories in France and Canada to produce its servers. Unique innovations allow an OVHcloud server to need just one glass of water for cooling in ten hours, 7 times less than many competitors. Their global average PUE is 1.28, better than the 1.55 industry standard. OVHcloud prioritizes sustainability, with top water and power effectiveness scores and a new carbon calculator, offering complete carbon footprint insights. The company stands out by providing life cycle analysis at the component level beyond just cloud service consumption.

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