Building sustainable cloud-native software services

DISTILLER is a recommenDer servIce for SusTaInabLe cLoud nativE softwaRe

illustrating image of a processor

Why design sustainable software?

According to the Ademe, the digital sector currently accounts for more than 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions, half of which is generated by data centers and network infrastructures. The weight of its environmental impact is expected to grow even more as usage increases. In France, 10% of the electricity produced is already consumed to meet the needs of data storage centers alone.

In the last decade, progress has been made to ensure greater energy frugality in data centers. But these developments are mainly focused on hardware efficiency (optimization of components or server cooling, renewable energy supply), without really dealing with the various software layers, which can have a significant impact on the use of allocated hardware resources. How to develop a new cloud native software in a sustainable and sober way?

In particular, when developping a new cloud application, development teams rely on a whole stack of technical components. When building a sustainable cloud application, which programming languages, libraries, frameworks and cloud infrastructures should you consider?

What is Distiller?

Distiller is an initiative led by Davidson Consulting, Orange, OVHcloud and Inria Lille to build a recommender system to help teams develop sustainable cloud applications. To design such a system, Distiller will rely on a software sustainability index. The core idea is to evaluate the sustainability of different cloud-native services. Based on those evaluations and your project requirements, Distiller will recommend you a more sustainable next technical stack.

Illustration of key goals of Distiller